wedding chair sashes – let your individuality shine through

Your big day should not look like a clone of every other wedding held at that venue on that day. It should be personal and unique to you. Many brides opt for plain white, ivory or cream chair covers as they are more readily available, less expensive and you have a better choice of sizes and styles. But then, you’ll need a way to introduce some colour and individuality. 
That’s where wedding chair sashes come in, making your venue look totally unique and complementing your theme. Available in every colour of the rainbow, chair sashes allow you to tie the venue in with your chosen colour scheme.
It’s all in the Detail
Successful venue styling is all about the little details. You can further personalise your wedding chairs and covers by adding accessories. You can add flowers, greenery, ornaments, pearls, ribbon, gems, diamante or even place name tags for those finishing touches that make all the difference. You can do this with any theme; shells for a beach wedding, a single fresh flower for a spring wedding, ribbons for an informal look or snowflakes for a winter wonderland.
Tying the Knot
Even the way your sashes are tied can add to your styling. A beautiful, big, puffy bow is traditional and elegant. Flipping the fabric over instead of tying it is a simple, classic look. Wraps, side bows and diagonal sashes are a little more contemporary.   Juliet or butterfly bows are best if you’re adding extra embellishments, they are less complicated and the knot is in the centre. More complex knots like the obi are great for adding more interest to your chairs.
Organza chair sashes with a sumptuous, luxury feel are a good material choice. They will create an elegant, romantic setting for your wedding reception. There are other advantages too, organza is easy to work with, unlike ‘floppy,’ satin or silk; it is stiffer and normally stays in position. You can also tie more elaborate knots and arrange exactly how you wish. 
Colour Choices
You can really make a statement with your chairs and need not simply match the sashes to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. All white looks amazing, especially if you add extra accents such as pearls, gems or lace. For contemporary elegance, go for a monochrome look; white chair covers with striking black sashes. Choose a seasonal shade, pastels in springtime, brights in summer, autumnal tones and shimmery metallics for winter. 
The use of 2 chair sashes means you can introduce another complementary shade. The multi-layers will look all the more sumptuous. There are even more ways to arrange and tie your two-toned sash; twisted together to merge the colours, wrapped around, have two bows or tie a more interesting knot.
Top Tips
1.       Do not leave arrangements for your wedding sashes to the last minute, at least 6 months in advance is recommended.
2.       If you are tying the sashes yourself, allow ample time to do so. Your chairs must be uniform, knots and bows must look identical, same length, same height.
3.       Order at least 10 surplus chair sashes to allow for extra guests or accidents.
4.       Do not order blindly, you must see samples or swatches to check out the quality of the fabric and match colours.
5.       If you attach ornaments or fresh flowers do it securely, you don’t want them to keep dropping off or get trampled.
DIY or Not?
The choice is yours, just remember that decorating your chairs is a lot more complicated and time consuming than it may seem. Many companies offer the option of fitting your wedding chair sashes and covers for you so you have nothing to worry about on your big day. If you’re going for a simple style and have plenty of helpers, attempting it yourself can be worthwhile. However, more complex arrangements and decorations are better left to a professional venue stylist such as Distinctive Elegance.

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